Corporate Profile
Company Name MAX FACTORY, INC.
Established 24th April 1987
Capital Stock 3,000,000 Japanese Yen
Staff 86
President Makoto Watanabe
Office Location Main Office / Akiba CO Building, 3-16-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan /

Shizuoka Workshop / Matsushirocho, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 214-10 Plaza Shuusejou 6F

Fukuoka Workshop / Katakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 2-7-2-1F

Business Activities

Planning, development, production and sale of toys and figures.
Sculpting of toys.
Planning and production of video.
Running of restaurants.

Max Factory was established in 1987 with a focus on planning and production of figures and alloy toys. What began as a garage kit maker soon developed into a larger company with a selection of different products, always held in high standards by collectors and fans. In 2008 the company began production on the figma action figure series, which provided quality articulated figures at a reasonable price, and quickly became the company's most well-known product series.

 1987-04      Max Factory is founded in Tokyo, Kokubunji, then moves to Matsudo, Chiba in the same year.
 1988-12      Max Factory's first painted soft vinyl product, 'RoboCop' is released.
 1990-09      Max Factory's first figure goes on sale: The 1/6th scale Madoka Ayukawa
 1991-11      Mail order team moves to Kashiwa in Chiba prefecture.
 1996-09      Max Factory's first fully painted figure goes on sale. The 1/4th scale Rei Ayanami.
 1998-07      Offices move to the Plaza Matsudo building in front of Matsudo Station.
 2000-07      Max Factory opens the Indian restaurant 'Indotei' near Matsudo station.
 2001-05      Offices move to Kita-Matsudo in Chiba Prefecture.
 2001-06      Max Factory starts a business partnership with GOOD SMILE COMPANY.
 2003-01      Max Factory's first polystone figure goes on sale. The 1/10th scale Lobelia Carlini
 2004-01      Max Factory's first PVC figure is released. The 1/7th scale Ichigo Morino.
 2004-04      The COPICMODELER series developed with 'Too' goes on sale.
 2004-12      The PVC figure 'Kasumi: Blue Ver.' becomes a huge hit, selling over 44,000 units.
 2005-08      First 'WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!' booth at Wonder Festival 2005: Summer.
 2007-01      Max Factory's Shizuoka Workshop is established.
 2008-01      Max Factory's Fukuoka Workshop is established.
 2008-02      The figma series begins. Yuki Nagato is the first standard sale figma to be released.
 2011-02      The 100th figma figure is announced: Hatsune Miku: Append Ver.
 2010-09      The Indian restaurant 'Indotei' opens a branch in Tameike-Sannou
 2012-07      Offices move to the Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo, Sumida.
 2013-11      The 200th figma is released with all new joints: figma Hatsune Miku 2.0
 2014-01      Max Factory's first plastic model kit is released: 1/72nd scale Combat Armor Dougram
 2014-03      The Mile Post Cafe is opened in Tokyo, Shinkawa, Chuo.
 2014-07      Max Factory changes from a limited company to a stock company.

Message from the President
Max Factory has released all sorts of products and services that we believe have many unique values, and we will continue to create them so long as our customers remain entertained. We look forward to creating fresh and exciting products from Japan that can be loved and enjoyed by our customers all over the world.

At first the company may have just been created as a garage kit maker due to our love for sculpting, but thanks to the support and encouragement from the fans, we have grown into a top-class manufacturer. I am confident we still have much more ahead of us, and we will continue to grow while bringing everyone an enjoyable hobby life along with us!

Max Factory President
Makoto Watanabe